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Diary of a Relentless Hustler

By Steve Clenor, BA, MSMS

Some people dream of financial gains, riches beyond their wildest dreams. Others dream of being in position of power or to make it to a position in life so they can tell others of their greatness. Like everyone is, I dream of making a difference. However, I did not start a blog (www.relentlesshustler.com) for the riches, fame, or to have others think I’m a big deal. It’s the fan in me that gives me the relentless drive to support, share, and continue to love hip hop, rap, and R&B. Music holds a big space in my heart.

This music that keeps me sane and soothes my soul, I want every artist mediocre or great to feel like they are able to contribute a verse to society. Not every artist is going to be Jay Z, Beyonce, Rick Ross, 50 Cent, Eminem or for that matter, Dr. Dre. However, we all gain something from hearing or seeing others life experiences. When we can see life from another person’s perspective our eyes are opened to limitless possibilities. Think of Jay Z (God Mc) being turned down by labels, but then turned around and dominate the game for this long. Think of 50 Cent getting shot 9 times, but kept the mentality of “Get Rich or Die Tryin”, and proved that he can go from being almost dead to being who he is now. Think of Dr. Dre still being part of the Hip Hop/Rap culture despite all the issues with NWA, 2 Pac, and Death Row. Yes, he’s making money, but had to be the love of it that kept him coming back. That is why I believe in my artist and friend (J Hyfe) and what we are doing to promote other artists like him and allow others to discover his music.

Our grind Reminds me of that scene in Selma (depiction of Martin Luther King Jr’s stance in Selma) when Martin had all his followers behind him walking across the bridge, and all of them were ready to make history, but he stopped and kneel, prayed to God. He knew this was not the time, so not fearing the backlash that he would receive from his followers or haters, he turned around, and did not walk across that bridge as it was not the time or the place to forget about the bigger picture. It is easier to just chase dollars or others approval then to decide to make a difference and follow your conviction. With that adapted mentality, let us grind relentlessly!

All artists, keep doing your thing, never give up on your dreams, and know your bridge to cross don’t have to crossed alone, not when we all have the same dream. To fellow fans like myself, thanks for the motivation!!! Show us some support by checking us out at www.relentlesshustler.com,

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