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Why Should you Prepare to Succeed?

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Why Should you Prepare to Succeed?
By Steve Clenor, BA, MSMS preparing to succeed blog pic 4

As an entrepreneur building several brands, preparation is the key to every move I make. I can't afford to find myself confused or unprepared when opportunities arrive as they do not come around very often. It is one thing to have big dreams and lofty goals, it's another thing to lay a basic foundation where you cover your bases, yet be ready for good or bad news. I find that a lot of my fellow music industry hopefuls such as artists, managers, promoters, djs, label owners, etc. are only expecting good news, not the bad. I'm not saying that you should be expecting bad news all the time, but, it would be wise to keep this in mind, "expect the best, prepare for the worst." As I continue to navigate through this hard-to-crack industry, I realize things never happen as planned, so back up options are at the utmost importance. It is easy to assume that for one to choose the paths of such lofty goals that they would be knowleagable about every aspect of what needs to be done to reach their goals and their potential road-blocks. However, you know what they say when we assume, so let's not do that. prepare to succeed blog pic 3

Some people are ready to give up on their dreams and everything that they have worked towards once they arrive at a place of rejection or disappointment. Well, for anyone with big plans and aiming at reaching major goals in their life, failure, pitfalls, and setbacks are destined to cross your path. It does not mean that this has to stop you. It's not everyone that's built to sustain, which by the way is a major key to survival and also vital to succeeding. Lack of preparation leads to inconsistency, self-doubt and premature quitting. It is the result of half-hearted efforts by you and those around you rather than challenging them and yourself to work up to your abilities. It is easy to go into things half-heartedly, but, once you realize what it will take to get to the top of the mountain, start climbing! Don't stop and ponder about the hardwork ahead leading you to not following through with your goals. The principle definition of preparation is "a management principle whereby people get ready for a final product or for a successful experience." Meaning, be prepared to succeed, but before you get to that point, you may have to experience some failure. Success is the result of preparation. Ask yourself, if the perfect opportunity for your goals and dreams presented itself today, am I ready? It’s better to be ready and not have an opportunity, then to have an opportunity and not be ready. prepare to succeed blog pic 2

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