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What It Will Take To Reach Success?

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What It Will Take To Reach Success?
By Steve Clenor, BA, MSMS

Success means many things to different people. Some see riches as the coronation of success and what they strive to obtain during their time in this world. Others see becoming powerful as politicians or being the baddest drug dealer in the hood as their end game for success. Not everyone whom set lofty goals of becoming part of the music industry as an artist, producer, promoter, dj, label owner, or manager have any idea what it will take to be successful nor what it will take for them to feel successful. No matter how you describe it, or what goals you have set to obtain it, success is measurable to you in terms of where you feel that you are in life and what you've done to get you there. According to, most people agree that the definition of is success is "the achievement of something desired, worked for or the gaining of fame or wealth." Though that definition makes a lot of sense, it does not really explain much about what it takes to be successful. Before you can get to that point in your life where you can finally claim success, you have to decide on what it is you want and how to go about attaining it. prepare to succeed blog pic 3

The way I choose to reach my success is by setting goals and reaching milestones. I figure if I set daily goals for myself and my businesses, success will come in small increments, but it will come. This mentality comes from one of my favorite quotes, "slow progress is still progress." I notice that a lot of people want success, but they are not willing to put in the work necessary to get it. Success does not come overnight as most people seem to think it does. If you want something, and you've decided that it is worth your time and effort, go get it, but realize what it is going to take to get it. Part of setting goals for myself is being realistic and honest with myself as far as my current status. In my opinion, setting unrealistic goals for yourself is as harmful as not having set a goal at all. Some people are not in touch with reality in their judgment of their abilities and status. Most artists, for example, regard themselves as more popular than they really are. They will spend their last penny to put out an album without understanding that there has to be a building your "buzz" phase. How are people supposed to go out and buy your album if they have no idea whom you are?  The work has to be done first as far as marketing and building up your social media numbers. It is not unimaginable that you can be an overnight sensation, but realistically, how often does that actually happen. The tendency is to over-estimate your circumstances and set milestones that are impossible to reach. It is one thing to be an overachiever, but it is not good to be an underachiever which affects your confidence and your enthusiasm for what you do. Decide on some goals you want to reach daily, weekly, monthly, etc. and as you reach them one by one, the more opportunities you creating for yourself, the more successful you're becoming in your craft.

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Although your passion will require hard work, realize what you want and the legacy you want to leave behind when you're gone. Say this to yourself on the good days and bad days, "My goals will be realized as long as I stay focus and not lose focus for what it is that I want to achieve. In order to achieve what I want, I have to remember my purpose and all my actions have to lead to something good towards it. Today, just like everyday, I will educate myself and gain more knowledge to better my chances. I will prioritize and manage my time in a way beneficial to my success. I will do what it take and more to reach my goals."

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