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The Inevitability of Success…

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The Inevitability of Success...
By Steve Clenor, BA, MSMS the inevitability of success blog pic 5

Imagine that feeling and thought process that it is inevitable that you will succeed. Some may call that cockiness or over-confidence, I don't see it that way, I say that's how it should be. Don't get me wrong, in no way shape or form do I see attaining success in your life or craft as a simple matter. Getting to a point where money is no object does not necessarily defines the state of success. In my opinion, money and material possessions are not the end all, be all. However, they do play a role in it. I'll use a quote from Jay Z, the greatest rapper alive, "I can't help the poor if I'm one of them." This could mean alot, depending on the way you choose to look at it. On my music website (, I discuss the road to success all the time because I see it as a reality for everyone. You could be successful at your craft, but can you financially grow or maintain it without the financial means. Basically, you can't help others succeed by being unsuccessful. For industry hopefuls like myself, the goal is to achieve success and maintain it. So, were does the sense of inevitability come from? Well, it comes from hardwork, preparation, and dedication. the inevitability of success blog pic 3

Hard work has never been or will it ever be a problem for me. I strongly believe that hard work pays off. This is definitely a modo I live by as I believe if you want something, you gotta work hard for it. Nothing in this life is free, and if it is, it won't last very long. Think about the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment that comes from building something from the ground up, and seeing your idea turn to reality. Hard work is the surest way to reach your goals. Not to say that hard work is all you need, it's best that you have the intellect, passion, and skill set necessary to get the job done. However, hard work is essential in putting everything together to make any dream a reality. It is essential to remember that ideas without execution are just unfilfilled dreams. In essence, if you talk about it, but don't put in the work necessary to make it a reality, it never existed. the inevitability of success blog pic 6

Preparation is another important aspect of turning dreams into reality. Most people say they are ready to be successful, but most people are not prepared for success. Imagine you get to the point in the music industry where you are offered a meeting with a music mogul whom is ready to offer you a contract that can help make all your dreams come true. Now, if you're unable to get to that meeting because you don't have the gas money or plane ticket to make it to that location for the meeting, you're not prepared. This may sound harsh, but it's true. It is not wise or realistic to go through life waiting for things to happen for you, prepare yourself for any opportunities that may come your way. If we break down this scenario to it's simplest roots, you didn't prepare yourself for such an instance. A lot of artists like to say that their music will speak for itself, but that does not make sense, people cannot judge something they don't get to hear. For them to hear it, you have to do the leg work necessary to get it to the people whom matter, not those around you whom tells you how good you are, but can't do anything to help advance your career. The worse thing that can happen on the road to achieving your goals is to be presented an opportunity and not being able to close the deal because of lack of preparation. To that end, I believe in taking my time to lay the infrastructure necessary to take advantage of that moment that will surely come. As a reminder, one of my favorite quotes, "luck is when preparation and opportunity collide." the inevitability of success blog pic 2

Last, but not least, be dedicated to your goals and dreams. Others may look at you like you crazy because of your instense focus and unyielding belief of what's to come, but don't allow that to deter you from your path. Being dedicated can have a positive effect on your goals as it allows you to apply your energy, focus, time, and effort into something until you've completed the task. Dedication is what enables me to jump into action when necessary, help me take action when needed, and thought process that allows me to give 100% to succeed. Of course we all have days when we do not want to be bothered, but you have to shake that off. Part of being dedicated is the willingness to do whatever it takes to fulfill and follow through when you don't have to. Stay true to your belief in yourself. Of course there will be set-backs along the way to achieving success. Keep your faith when others start to waver around you, and face whatever obstacles come your way.

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