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The Climb to Success is STEEP…

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The Climb to Success is STEEP...
By Steve Clenor, BA, MSMS Climbing-to-success blog pic 2

It's one thing to set lofty goals for yourself and on your steady grind, but no one ever said the climb to success was going to be easy. In fact, the climb up that mountain is really steep. All music industry hopefuls have the same outlook when it comes down to it. Some think that success will come easy and later find out that things don't work that way or others like myself whom knows that the hardwork has to be put in before that crease of opportunity opens up for you, the mentality remains the same, we feel success is coming. There are no room for doubts in this industry or in this world for that matter. Ultimately, we feel that if we keep bringing our best to the table, we will make it to the mountain top. But, what if despite doing what you feel is your best you're stuck in the same place and feeling that steep mountain is too hard to climb? Climbing-to-success blog pic 3

Well, before you decide to give up on your dreams and all that hard work you've done to get to this point, let's discuss things that might help. It’s important to study the current environment of the industry we're trying to be part of. It's also critical that we find out what could be done better to help bring a better outcome. It is true that has their own path to making it successful, but it can't hurt to review what they did to make it to that point, and see what of their path may be similar to yours. For example, there was a time in the music industry where one good mixtape would catapult your career to the next level. Now it seems that releasing singles might just be the way to go. Does that mean you decide not to drop the mixtape that you've been working hard to create. Absolutely not, but I would suggest that maybe you choose a couple of the songs from that mixtape and release them as singles. It won't hurt to try something new, it's not okay in my opinion to copy other artists style and music, but it would be smart to follow their working formula and good promotional methods. Climbing-to-success blog pic 1

Learn from others whom succeeded recently and include some of their ideas into your approach. Nowadays, it is easy to obtain all the information necessary just by going to google and look up what others have been doing recently to make it to the next level. Make it your goal to understand what has happened in the past, and this will help you determine what your best options are moving forward. Learning from failures and success of others gives you consise information about what they did to separate themselves from the pact, and what the industry/audience values the most. One's inability to reach their highest level of success at times is their fault, because they fail to adapt and change what is not working. Sometimes it has nothing to do with your ability, but it does have everything to do with your methods and theories. Although at times it's easier to stick to the plan, don't ever be afraid to seek new ideas and practices. Climbing-to-success blog pic 4

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