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Stop Crying, No One Cares!!!

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Stop Crying, No One Cares!!!
By Steve Clenor, BA, MSMS

Unfortunately, "stop crying, no one cares" seem to be the name of the game right now. No words truer than these when it comes to the way music industry hopefuls feel about the current culture of the music. Don't get me wrong, maybe it should be that way, but it still affects a lot of up-and-coming artists, producers, djs, engineers, and managers. It's easy to feel that nobody cares about your music or movement. Even some mainstream artists and industry personnel have doubts about whether or not people care enough about what they are doing to keep making a living at their craft. It is not easy to overcome the moments of doubt, and still believe in your work enough to keep grinding and giving it your all. Well, this is where the trials and tribulations begin. Can you spit in the face of your doubters and non-believers and show them your worth by one day reaching those lofty dreams that you have set for yourself? This is a question you'll need to answer to yourself when you're alone and there's no need for brovada or trying to impress anyone. When you're all alone and it's just you and your thoughts, are you still confident that you will make it and become a success? stop crying, no one cares blog pic 1

Well, one of the major hurdles that you need to get over is that it's really true, no matter how much you cry, no one cares. So, you might as well stop!!! No one in the music business care about you or your music until you make them care. They will be opening any welcoming mat for you anytime soon. As a matter of fact, it's the opposite, doors will be shut in your face, your music will be tossed in the trash, your emails deleted, and they will tell you everything that is wrong with your craft, yet not tell you how to fix it. Basically, you are on your own to succeed or fail. When you think about it, that's the way it needs to be. Won't it be great to work hard on your craft, persevere and become a success without owing anyone any favors. Obviously you love what you do, and want to do it for the rest of your life, or else you wouldn't have made it your life time goal, so treat it as such. Looking for others to care for what you doing is the same as asking them to validate you. In the process of validating you, they can also crush your dreams. As we know, not everyone comes to the table with good intentions, so allowing some radio personality or talent show judge to decide if you should continue chasing your dreams, most often is just not a good idea. Do it because you love it, because once you've decided you're doing it for the fame and financial gains, you've placed yourself between a rock and a hard place as realistically, those things might never come. Here's an important news flash, for most people, those things never come. stop crying, no one cares blog pic 2

Fortunately, being that no one actually cares about your dreams other than you, make the best of it, enjoy your rise to success along the way. Surprisingly, when you remove the thought process of caring what others think and expecting others to care for your craft as much as you, it's a great feeling. This feeling can give you the incredible opportunity to become what you've always wanted to be, successful. Keep in mind, success does not necessarily mean fame or monetary gains. Success can just be doing your best and doing what makes you happy. stop crying, no one cares blog pic 3

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