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The importance of being self-sufficient should never be understated. If you're able to learn how to do something yourself, go ahead and put the effort in to be sufficient in doing it enough to not need to pay anyone to do it for you. This is something my artist and business partner (WydeFrame) and I have decided to put into practice. Realistically, we already know we'll never reach the point that we won't need the services of others, but we do aim to lessen our dependability on others to decide our fate. We have decided to improve our chances of success by accepting the simple concept that, "knowledge is power." In the same line of, "if you give a man a fish, he'll eat for the day. However, if you teach that man to fish, he'll be able to eat for the rest of his days." We have become a culture of dependency. Everything has been made easier in attempts to save time and effort. However, this has led to the "dumbing-down" of society as a whole. As an illustration, let me ask this question, "truthfully, if you had to guess, "If you took away a hundred-strangers cell phones, how many of them do you think would have more than five phone numbers memorized that they could call without it?" It has not been that long since cell phones took over, yet this generation have completely adapted to being completely dependent on it. I can't lie, everyone of my peers, as well as myself are part of that statistic. consistency blog picture 3

It is the essence of men to keep pushing the limit to make things easier today than they were yesterday, but, there's a cost to this, "what we learn yesterday no longer applies today." As self-sufficiency continues to be melted down and eradicated by dependency, it is people like my artist and myself whom remember that doing for yourself is a valuable tool. Not only do you get to keep your hard-earned money, but you also get to better yourself when you learn something new. For artists and other music industry hopefuls whom say they love what they do, why not adapt the practice of providing for all of your own needs and the needs of your team without outside help. Is it hard to fathom that you may be able to gain the knowledge and skills it requires to do your own bidding. i'm here to tell you all, claim your independence and allow motivation to guide you on this journey to self-sufficiency. This is certainly not for everyone, but you choose the music industry as your path in life, and there's nothing easy about reaching that goal. To become self-sufficient is not for everyone as it demands time, effort, and willingness to fail. It should be your personal choice, not thrust upon you. Learning to do as much as you can yourself is an easy goal to make, but actually doing it takes a lot of sacrifice. It takes time and discipline to reach your goals but once they are reached it can be quite rewarding. Today, pick out something you're currently paying others to do for you, and decide to put forth your best efforts to make it something you do yourself.

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