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Putting Together a Great Team…

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Putting Together a Great Team…
By Steve Clenor, BA, MSMS building a great team blog pic 3

No one ever said that the road to building your empire would be easy. However, some of that road less traveled does not have to be as hard as it is. For instance, building a team to help you grow your movement is an ordeal in itself. As I've built my brands over the last year, one major lesson I have learned is that people don't share the same vision as you. Everyone has their own way of thinking, which is a good thing, but not when building an organization together. What you may see as the road to success, others might not want to travel that road with you. Those around you will not subscribe to your movement unless they see possibility of immediate return. Others do not share the thought process of, "hard-work pays off." Finding people whom are committed to the success of the team, rather than just themselves is a hard task. In this climate, it is rare to find people who possess the ability, leadership, and loyalty that's necessary in building a good team. Instead, you find yourself settling for one or two of those characteristics, as making all three a requirement is not sensible. So, how do you build up this team into a helpful unit for your organization? building a great team blog pic 1

Well, make sure your team know that they are valuable to you, your movement, and the overall success of the team. Instill that in your team by having genuine engagement and collaboration with them. It is also wise to identify each team player's skill set and assign them tasks that are well suited to their abilities. A great team is made up of individuals who are cohesive and their energy focused on a common purpose. Build great rapport amongst the team by discussing failures and celebrating victories. When your players start feeling as a valuable member of the team, they are willing to give up most of their need for individual recognition for the success of the team and organization. This kind of thing is established when the leader of the organization commits to vision first, and the rest of the team knows those commitments are genuine. As the leader of your organization, you must first establish a rapport with each team member and do your best to make the relationship based of trust and loyalty. Honestly, this will not happen from lacking of trying. There will be trial and error. However, should you succeed in building such a team, you'll have cohesive team with the same goal as you, to make your movement successful. This also lead to having a team that can produce results for you because they want it as bad as you. Last, but not least, this leads to an efficient team that each member know what they are bringing to the team and play their role to keep things running smoothly. None of this is easy of course at the beginning, but over a period of time, you will start to see your vision as it was meant to be presented to the world. building a great team blog pic 2

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