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In Times of Progress, Don’t Regress to Failure…

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In Times of Progress, Don't Regress to Failure...
By Steve Clenor, BA, MSMS

The world has gone in a hurry. Everyone seems to be racing against time, as well as each other. It is the essence of men/women to find shortcuts and make things easier on themselves. However, it's reached the level now where people are trying to skip steps and still expecting to succeed. In my opinion, this is usually a recipe for disaster. Skipping steps inevitably leads to disaster as the earning and learning part of the process to success is nullified. I keep that in mind on a daily and weekly basis when it's time to keep my website ( updated. My advice, in times of progress, don't regress by allowing yourself to skip valuable steps that ultimately can be the difference between succeeding and failing. blog pic 3

It is so easy to understand the thought process that you should have made it already. And since you have not made it to your desired destination in life, it's easy to blame others. However, doing this can have major consequences to your success when you are working towards a goal. I see this as engaging in a distracting mentality, which a lot of music industry hopefuls seem to suffer from. Somehow, you think you are and should be of primary importance to everyone whom come in contact with you. Nonetheless, you are finding out that the world does not revolve around you and will not yield to your wishes, unless you make them do so. For that to happen, you must have a good plan in place for your road to success, and you must follow that plan without becoming deflated, angered, and defeated. If you find yourself going back and forth in terms of working on your goals and or allowing yourself to get distracted, you're already losing the battle. Going through periods where you work hard everyday make your dreams come true, and the next month shifting and going through periods where you completely stop striving for what you want, that my friend is washing your hands and putting it back in the dirt.

Expecting success overnight is nonsensical, because what happens when it does not come so quickly? What happens is you find yourself in a difficult situation where you do nothing but fall back to your miserable routine of setting big goals for yourself and quitting on them. Ask yourself why do you keep running into the same road blocks. Look at it like this, if you are learning to ride a bike, undoubtedly, you will fall off a couple of times. that does not stop you from learning how to ride. No, what you do is pedal a little bit different and longer each time until riding a bike seems like second nature to you. Well, that's how you have to look your goals in life, you will fail, but each time you do, learn from it and do better the next time. Lack of progress come from lack of learning from your mistakes, effort, and committment. Don't give up or be deterred from what you're doing because of the absence of immediate success, winners don't quit, and for sure quitters do not win!

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