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I Love It When A Plan Comes Together…


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I Love It When A Plan Comes Together...
By Steve Clenor, BA, MSMS

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It was about a year ago that I decided to start putting in the work necessary to build my brands. The notion of building something from the ground-up had a special appeal to me. To use a Tupac reference, when you plant a rose in concrete and somehow it survives to blossom, regardless of it's scratches and imperfections, the fact that it survives should be admired and respected, not judged on how it looks after surviving. I say this to mean that putting the necessary work to see something grow from nothing is more satisfying than just paying to make it happen. I truly believe that when you do it from intelligence, hard work, and out of love, you provide a better product for your audience. In essence, life is about taking short-cuts, but knowing you want to do something worthwhile and everlasting, you want to do it right, and put forth the effort that will bring the most appeal and respect to your brand. I knew that taking on this task was not going to be easy, and along the way, some of those whom started with me have fallen out as they expect instant fame and gratification. My thought process is anything worth having is worth grinding for.

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With that being said, a year-ago, I put my plan in place to build my brands (Relentless Hustler Ent., Blackhener and Relentless Hustler Clothing). I decided to stop saying I wish I could, instead put things in motion to make things happen. I have the mentality that through hard work and intelligence, anything the next man can do, I can do. Although I have a lot more work to do, I'm seeing that the plan that I put in place about a year ago is paying dividends. What that means for me at this point is some of my efforts have not gone unnoticed, and a lot of what I intended to occur is starting to happen. Getting involve in building a brand is not for everyone as not all of us have the patience or need to not accept failure. Some people are easily deterred from their path. As soon as they hear "no" for the first time, all their world is shattered, but I refuse to be that person. I believe if you can't eventually turn that "no" into a yes, then find someone else who may be interested in your movement, brand, or whatever you selling.

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It may take me years to get to my ultimate goal in this industry, but that does not worry me a bit. Only thing I have to constantly keep in my mind is the best path to get there. At times, adjustments and tweaking are necessary, however, that's just part of the game. I've decided that I am willing to do what is necessary to get to that point of where I'm satisfied with the results. The hardest thing in trusting the plan that you have in place is patience and deterrence. Patient enough to trust your process while avoiding and letting go of those people and things which deter you from your mission. This plan is going to continue to come together because I promise to put in the work and live with the results. I can only fail, if I stop trying!!!

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