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Goals Vs Dreams

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Goals Vs Dreams
By Steve Clenor, BA, MSMS dreams vs goals blog pic 3

We all have dreams and aspirations of what we want our status to be in life. Some pay act upon what calls to them in life, while others will take one peek at the hard road ahead to get to what it is they want and simply not even bother. It's easy to express your desire to do what it is you feel like you've been put on this earth to do. It's also easy to decide what it is you want to do. However, have you put some goals and benchmark in place to make your dreams come true. Well, two questions for you; 1) Is this a wish or a goal for you? 2) What have you done today towards meeting your desired status in life? There is in-fact a difference between wishing something would happen and putting some goals in place to make it happen. The thought process of wanting things to happen and waiting for a miracle to make them happen has never been appealing to me, it's just conducive towards being successful. dreams vs goals blog pic 2

Well, what is it that you are doing to make your dreams a reality. It would be wise for you to set some goals, act on those goals, and focus on making them happen no matter what else is going on around you. Naturally, some are scared to think like that as not everyone is willing to travel that hard road ahead. Consider these three questions; Where are you now in your life? Where do you want to be? What will it take for you to get there? For now, make these three questions your guide to give you the best chance to do what you want to do. Figure out what your best road to success is and follow it. As expected, the road will not be a straight one, sometimes you'll have to adapt to the changes, and difficulties that comes your way. However, the sooner you can start travelling that road, the sooner you'll get to where you want to end up. Some people say they are working on their goals, but not taking any action to do so. Others choose to act on their goals, but have no actual plan in place to get from point A to point B, both wasting their time. Goals alone does not make anything happen, nor does action work without a plan. dreams vs goals blog pic 4

What is the difference between goals and wishful thinking/dreams? Everyone has dreams. They do not mean much without acting on them. Goals are something you are acting on. Dreams are something you are just thinking about doing subconciously. Dreams are imaginary, while goals are based in reality. Goals require that you work hard for what you want, while dreams just require your imagination. Goals produce results, dreams don’t. While dreams can inspire you, setting goals can change your life. This is not hard to comprehend, basically, having a dream is easy. Everyone has dreams of what they want or desire to be, not very many people have goals in place or take action towards getting things accomplished. Life is hard, so are goals, they both require hard work to be obtain success. For fellow music industry hopefuls, if you're wanting to be an artist, producer, dj, promoter, manager, or label owner, you have a hard road to travel, but don't get scared and bail out before you make your dream come true!!! dreams vs goals blog pic 1

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