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Dream the Impossible!!!

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Dream the Impossible!!!
By Steve Clenor, BA, MSMS blog pic 4

I was born with imagination, intelligence, great-work ethic, and the mind-set that anything is possible. Some of the people reading this might quickly roll their eyes and reach the conclusion that I'm just dreaming. Well, I am dreaming, and no, I don't want to be woken-up. Truthfully, I would hate to be the type of person who co-signs to the mentality that some things are beyond my reach and are impossible to attain. They say if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. Along side the previous statement, I would say, if you have no goals and dreams in life, there's no point of living. Now, I'm not saying you have to share my passion for wanting to have something to call your own that you've built from scratch. However, I would very much suggest that life is more meaningful when you've decided there's something you want and you're going after it. You may not ever get what it is you're reaching for, but the journey in chasing and trying to catch the object of your yearning is at times the best parts of your life. Once again, don't get me wrong, I do not mean that not reaching your goal is more fulfilling than reaching your goal, just saying the road travelled, grind, and experiences during the process are the most memorable part. holy grail blog pic 6

With that said, let me dream the impossible dream. I've never understood the reasoning behind showing lack of support to those around you whom are trying to do something positive for themselves. There's no way to explain not having dreams of your own, but it's definitely weak to try and knock someone else for wanting something you either don't understand or lack the intensity to go after it yourself. When I decided to stop "I wish I could", and started doing, that's when I started seeing the endless possibilities of what I can do. In just a short-time, I have put together two brands that are gaining momentum on the streets and social media. In all honesty, there were somethings at the beginning that I didn't feel comfortable doing myself. However, I soon realized that was just self-doubt, and I kicked that thought process to the curb and got on my grind, now I'm involve in every aspect of growing my brands. After all, no one will care for or work as hard as me to shine a good light on my brands than me. Lately, I've been thinking carefully before reacting or agreeing to anything, as whatever I choose today affects my brands tomorrow. When I decided to get my hands dirty and do the hard work, that's when I started seeing progress. Your history is based on your present, so make it count. holy grail blog pic 1

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