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Don’t Change Your Mission, Change Your Path…

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Don't Change Your Mission, Change Your Path...
By Steve Clenor, BA, MSMS don't change your mission, change your path blog pic 1

All music industry hopefuls will be able to relate to this statement, "Maybe I should do something else." For some dream chasers, quite often they should stop and do something else, but making that decision to stop should not be taken lightly. I truly believe that the majority of people whom fail do so because they quit on themselves. It's my estimation that most people never fully develop their ideas and allow their goals time to turn into reality. Most people take one peek at the hard road ahead to getting to their goals, and they quickly swerve off the road. Others get on that road and start walking towards their dreams, but, somewhere along the way, they get tired and give in to exhaustion, frustration, disappointment. I compare the ones whom eventually make it to nascar drivers. They get on that road and have one goal in mind, to make it to the finish line. Along the way, they run into constant forms of obstacles. Somehow, they navigate their way past other drivers (their haters and competitors), their own self-doubts, fear, frustration, and unexpected difficulties until all they see ahead is the finish line. At this point, they don't allow anything between them and that finish line, they put the pedal to the medal and go full speed ahead until finally crossing that line to success. The people whom are able to do have the nascar driver mentality do not change their goals, they find other avenues/path to get to their ultimate finish line. don't change your mission, change your path blog pic 2

What does it mean when I say, "Don't Change Your Mission, Change Your Path?" Quite simply, it means that just because things are not going as well as you expect them to at the moment, don't abandon your goals, find other ways to navigate the road to making it a reality. It is easy to forget that good times as well as bad do not last. Most of the time, the feeling of being up, and the feeling of being down are fleeting. The snow storm that you are currently facing will soon end. It would be unwise to give up on what you want and lose sight of all the effort you've already put into meeting your goals just because things are hard. Life is hard, that's just the way it is, but it's worth living. By the same token, it is hard to make your dreams a reality, that's why it's called a dream. If it was easy, everyone would do it. Realize that not everyone is built to succeed, some people accept failure because they fear hard work, some even fear success. Basically, what you're trying to accomplish is not for everybody, you'll only get it if you're willing to do what the next person won't. Your current circumstance does not have to be the end chapter to your story, it's your choice to keeping writing it until you can come up with the ending you want. don't change your mission, change your path blog pic 4

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