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Consistency is a NECESSITY…

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Consistency is a NECESSITY…
By Steve Clenor, BA, MSMS consistency blog picture 1

It is safe to say talent alone does not make one a star or success. There's a lot that goes into making or becoming successful in the music industry. None more important in my humble opinion than "consistency". Part of my process for evaluating or considering artists, producers, models, djs, and promotors is their level of consistency. Make sure you understand the difference between someone whom continue to strive and give their all to their craft everyday, winning or losing as opposed to those whom are willing to quit the minute things get tough. As I continue to grow Relentless Hustler Entertainment, Inc. as a brand name in the industry, I am constantly being approached by upcoming/unsigned artists whom want to be represented by me. I have not officially said "no" to anyone yet, what I do is I tell them keep working and when I feel I'm ready to take on other talent, I will keep them in mind. Little do they know, what I do after that is keep tabs on them and watch how they move. It is very easy for me to decipher the difference between an artist whom wants fame compared to other artists whom love what they do and are willing to do what it takes to do it on a bigger scale, regardless if they become a celebrity or not. consistency blog picture 3

Some may consider it annoying, but you see the work some unsigned artists put when they wake up building an audience, and go to sleep doing the same. This leads me to my point about the consistent, and inconsistent, some artists disappear from the scene the minute the road ahead get harder they thought it would. I'm looking for that artist that will continue to grind with me if I get them 5000 views today and tomorrow get them 25 views. I have seen how a talented artist puts out a great song or strings of great music, but when they do not instantly see the rewards, they bail out. This is completely the opposite of what consistency is. It may sound crazy, but I will choose to work with a hungry consistent artist any day of the week over one whom just possesses talent. That alone will not help them to get in life what they are trying to achieve. Everyone whom is a music industry hopeful is already at a deficit. Think about how many artists, producers, djs, label owners, and promoters that you are competing with for the limited spots available. If you are not consistent and work on your craft daily, how do you expect to break through? It's a very simple answer to the question, you won't! consistency blog picture 2

Think of your goals as what you would look for in a partner/relationship, consistency. No one wants to date, marry, or be with someone who will show up when things are convenient for them and disappear the minute things become difficult. You may put up with that for a while or a couple of times, but that would get old real quick. For your dreams to become a reality, you must think of success as that relationship you have been looking for all your life, you must fall in love with success even if shuns you over and over again, you must consistently court it with flowers and take it out on dates, let success know that you are not going anywhere and you're here to stay by showing CONSISTENCY! Your customers need a predictable flow of information from you. Don't get their attention one day and the next you forget about them. Don't tell them of projects that you are working on, yet never produce the goods. Do not end your campaign before it you've given it a real shot at building a buzz for you. Continue to put out new ideas, concepts, advertisements, blog entries, and weekly updates that will show your fans that you are working relentlessly!!! consistency blog pic 9

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