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Are you Tired of Music and Artists Sounding the Same?

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Are you tired of Music and Artists Sounding the Same?
By Steve Clenor, BA, MSMS

It has become very apparent to me that in today's hip hop, rap and r&b culture being different from the norm is very rare to find. Most artists don't have the drive, patience, and confidence that it takes to be an individual talent. The industry has become a copy-cat game where one song becomes a hit, then everyone tries to duplicate that same song. At times, it is literally hard to decypher one artist from another. Being inspired by another artist is not the same thing as using their words and copying their style. Do you want to know what the next so-called hot single will sound like? Turn on your radio!!! Whatever happened to the days when everyone wanted to be a trendsetter? The cool thing to do was to do your own thing and set trends. That is a thing of the past.

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In today's culture, everyone seems to be very comfortable riding the next man's style and wearing it proudly as if they came up with it. My wife whom is a big music fan herself, asked me about the difference between two artists that are currently mainstream. Honestly, as much as I tried to come up with differences in style, raps, and even cadence, I could not. It is the listening audience whom shape what the industry offers nowadays. As a music industry hopeful, it is hard to take a stand, but it is necessary. Let's try and make it popular again to be different and bring something new to the table. In this hip hop, rap, and r&b culture, the music has been reduced to three topics and it appears that no one dares to deviate from them. If you're not discussing drugs, money, and sex in your songs, you're basically wasting your time as the audience seems to have tuned everything else out. To keep it real, trends and copycatting have always played a part in rap, hip hop, and r&b music. However, it's never been this obvious where basically it's as if the same producers, djs, radio stations, and limited amount of mainstream music industry personnel are consistently deciding what is hot, as well as what is not. It's as if their ears cannot adjust to new sounds, delivery, beats, or cadence. Many will say I'm just "hatin", but really think about it, they all sound exactly the same, with the same sounding progressions, melodies, and auto-tuned vocals. I'm a lover of music, specifically the genres of hip hop, rap, and r&b, I just don't like to hear the same song over and over again.


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